Update on our Admissions Policy

Update on our Admissions Policy

The proposed admissions policy has been carefully developed in-line with the vision for the School. Admission into Year 7 will be comprehensive and academically non-selective whilst Sixth Form will be selective based on GCSE results to ensure that pupils are capable of studying in an academically-focused environment.  

We have taken on-board feedback received from the admissions consultation and made some amendments to the policy, including making it easier to read and understand. In terms of external Sixth Form admissions, to make sure that opportunities to attend are provided for a wide range of pupils across the city and to attract and recruit a diverse pupil population. The policy has been amended and the nodal points have been removed for Sixth Form. Instead, once applicants have reached the required academic criteria, in the case of over-subscription, Looked After Children/ Previously Looked after Children and applicants with statements of Special Education Needs naming the School will receive priority, followed by pupils eligible for pupil premium (including service premium), and then random allocation.

You can read more about the consultation findings (PDF - 701KB) and the response by the University of Birmingham School (PDF - 212KB).

You can read key aspects of the policy below or download the full admissions policy (PDF - 196KB)


In considering our admissions policy, we have been guided by a number of principles.

  • The University of Birmingham School should be a truly comprehensive school, with students reflecting a range of socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds and a range of previous academic achievement at years 7-11. Achieving an appropriate balance of backgrounds will be an important part of the admissions policy. We expect to have students with Special Educational Needs as an integral part of our learning community.
  • The University of Birmingham School will seek to attract students from across the city and metropolitan region. We seek to serve this region and not just the immediate local community for several reasons: first, this approach will facilitate the recruitment of a diverse student population; second, it will enable the School to be part of the solution to under-capacity in Birmingham; and third, it will avoid having a disproportionate impact on the secondary schools which happen to be located near the School.
  • There will be some populations that will be easy to reach, and there will be some populations that will be difficult to reach for various valid reasons. The admissions policy will be accompanied by a programme of outreach, particularly targeted on the more difficult-to-reach populations.
  • No child should be barred from attending the school because they cannot afford the transport costs.
  • In terms of entry in year 7, siblings will receive preference, because it is important to us that the school is a community, and having family groups contributes to that community feel and strengthens the parents' and families' commitment to the school.
  • The Sixth Form will have academic criteria to ensure that the students are able to manage the level of academic rigour that will characterise the University Sixth Form.
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